Artist Statement

My name is Layeni Kamal, I am a Lagos based Artist, my Art is an expression of being, a careless expression and an intentional documentation of my perception of reality. My work is inspired by spirituality, Nature, My Experiences, My Environment, Music, Art.

Art is really the reason I make art. I am interested in creating new ideas and the possibilities of the creative process. I am currently exploring and and experimenting in various creative mediums; every form of art is a unique language and each is a different way to express or be a vessel to convey a message. My work at the moment is centered around subjects like individuality, identity, Freedom, Africanism, Existentialism, Expressionism. My work is also a medium for activism, I try to convey the change I want to see in the world in my art.

ZOO is a visual representation of my mind, an ideal world of forms with limitless possibilities and the only way to access this world is through ZOO Art.

“Art is a language and you can understand it in two ways spiritual or as you percieve it”

Dan-Ngere Mask zoo

Portrait of zoo wearing a Decorated Dan-Ngere Mask

Mixed media '23