Where We Find Ourself

"naso i see myself o" is the pidgin term for "where we find ourself", this is a popular expression where i'm from.where we find ourself is the reality of where we are,what is reality?.reality is based on perception,what is perception?.perception is basically observation from a subjective point of view.

where we find ourself is about street hawking in lagos traffic, this is where we find ourself, I, the photographer,you observing these images, and the people in these images.

these people, who find themself here in lagos traffic pacing from car to car, with dreams of a better life, trying to sell whatever they can just to get by.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”

Top/Right image: one of my favorite from the collection. The razor-edged look on her face shows how alert she is. She knows the cars are going to move at anytime and there's no second to waste.

Bottom/Left image: You don't notice it and then you do. yes! the juxtaposition between the boys hands and his face.

.Top/Right image: Even though the man is selling wall clocks, I think its a funny joke that you can buy time in Lagos traffic.

Bottom/Left image: A man selling a bird in traffic was so distracting that i never noticed the scrawny kid in the background staring at the mall

I really hope that you take out time to consume this project, there is a lot you would miss if you just scroll trough. Hope you enjoy these images and they inspire you as much as they have inspired me..

Full collection below